When you look outward for answers, you eventually realize that you can’t find them there. You have to look inward, and take a journey of discovery that takes you in directions you haven’t expected

A space where you are safe enough to own your most human and authentic self, to embrace and accept the person you truly are.


Many of us live fragmented lives.

We struggle to create a life out of the

choices and experiences that have led us

to dead ends, cul-de-sacs, or circular drives.


Let’s put you on the freeway.


Working together, we can deal with whatever you bring. When you show up with your “stuff,” no matter how heavy you think it is,

it is all workable. ALL of it.


Yet we don’t have to work it all TODAY.

There’s a process. It takes time. You show up fully, halfway, or fractionally — and I’ll be there beside you. And how it evolves comes from what shows up with you in the room.


That room can seem very dark.

My job is to help you find the light switch, to illuminate what is possible. Sitting in the dark isn’t always a bad thing, since sometimes you need the lessons the dark brings, but don’t be worried about being stuck there since it’s from the dark we actually get the answers.


The paradox of life. Enough already.

Do I have to learn this one more time?


Yes. We all do. But not alone.